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Add Value Tree Service | 32765 | Seminole County
Add Value Tree Service - Seminole County Tree Service
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About Us

Add Value Tree Service was founded with a unique set of core principles...our company philosophy is quite simple:


  • The scope of work for every client is different; we will develop a specific plan that meets your objectives; on time, at a competitive price with the best possible results in a safe, professional manner.


  • You will deal directly with our principal, Chris, throughout all phases of the process: from bid thru completion. We do not employ a small army of full-time bidding & back office personnel which dramatically add to overhead & ultimately make us less competitive by increasing our cost structure with no value added to the customer. This is precisely why we're usually able to offer job quotes that are 10 to 20% less than the large, mass-market, tree companies.


  • We are fully licensed & insured. Safety is our utmost concern, we make every effort to keep people, pets & property safe. We've never had an injury - or a loss - and we intend to keep it that way!


  • We will show up on time & complete the task(s) on budget--as agreed in advance of job commencement. If something unexpected ever does occur, we will always communicate in a timely manner. We always strive to make certain that every interaction is a positive one!


  • This may seem obvious, but it should be stated: We only work in proper attire & conduct ourselves professionally. You will never see us working shirtless, smoking, littering or otherwise disrespecting your property--in any manner.


  • We are firm believers in free market competition: We will never speak negatively of our competitors. Ultimately, we believe competition spurs innovation; it also provides you - the client - with fair-market pricing. In fact, we encourage you to get quotes from at least one other tree company.


  • Each day & every job in tree work brings a different engineering challenge and we truly love the physically-demanding work it entails! We also love the freedom working outdoors provides.


We look forward to meeting & working with you...

(407) 495-1470

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